All about Laura

My name is Laura Tuke, I am 27 years old, I am from beautiful Dorset in England, and I am a BSc Zoology and MSc Conservation and Biodiversity graduate from the University of Exeter (Cornwall campus).

Since a young age, I have been passionate about wildlife, the natural world and its conservation, and I now strive to share my passion, knowledge and experiences with others.

My Laura’s Wild World blog aims to share my wildlife adventures from my family’s farm in Dorset to places and countries further afield, to allow people to share in my experiences and to see first hand our amazing planet and the challenges it faces.

Recent adventure: Spring in Dorset 2022

Next adventure: A naturalist in London

Social Media

Twitter: @laura_tuke

Instagram: @laura_tuke

2 thoughts on “All about Laura

  1. Good morning Laura
    just checking to see what you are up to.
    Any chance of a link to in your blog about owls and CA?


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